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Our experience

Although we have only been established for a relatively short period of time, members of the Grey Advantage Team have established an enviable reputation for delivering quality services at a competitive price. Our client list includes the Department of Finance and Deregulation, the Attorney General’s Department, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, The Australian Federal Police, the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, the Department of Parliamentary Services, AusAID, the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance, VicRoads and the National Trust of Australia.  

Examples of the types of projects undertaken by Grey Advantage are summarised below.

Program Evaluation and Assurance
Department of Finance and Deregulaton, Department of the Treasury and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
Grey Advantage provided independent assurance of the shared services business case for Finance, the Treasury and PM&C. The scope of the assurance activities included review of baseline costs and scoping assumptions, benchmarking, assessment of operating model options and review of the financial assessment of the options.
VicRoads – Whole of Victorian Government Registration and Licensing Program Assurance framework
Grey Advantage was engaged to develop the assurance framework for the Whole of Victorian Government Registration and Licensing Program (RANDL). The program includes over 92 separate licences and licensing processes that are administered by the Victorian Government. The objectives of assurance framework were to ensure that all assurance activities were aligned to avoid duplication of effort and process.
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Review of Corporate Services Functions
The Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry engaged Grey Advantage to undertake a review of its corporate support functions including finance, payroll, accounts payable, human resource management, property, IT, procurement and marketing functions. The review benchmarked corporate support functions across the portfolio and made recommendations that have resulted in the establishment of a Centre of Excellence Model for the provision of shared corporate services across the department.
Strategic Sourcing Assignments
Department of Parliamentary Services – Parliamentary Catering Services
Grey Advantage acted as business adviser to the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) regarding the outsourcing of catering services at Parliament house. This work included the completion of financial viability reviews, advice on development of tender specifications, advice on contact and performance management and post implementation review of tenderer performance.
Confidential Market Sounding – Vehicle Fleet Management Business Case
Grey Advantage completed a comprehensive market sounding of industry participants to determine their capability and capacity to take over the management of a whole of government vehicle fleet. This work required Grey Advantage to conduct a confidential in-depth assessment of key industry participant’s operational and commercial capability. Interviews were conducted at the chief executive level across 5 of Australia’s leading vehicle fleet managers and a limited due diligence conducted to assemble the information required to inform the acquisition strategy.
AusAID – Financial Viability Reviews
Grey Advantage completed confidential financial viability assessments of respondents to tenders for two large international aid programs.
Performance Improvement and Business Transformation
Australian Fisheries Management Authority – Business Transformation Strategy
Grey Advantage worked with the Board, Managing Director and Senior Executive of AFMA to develop a comprehensive business transformation strategy that included revised governance and organisation arrangements, business unit business plans, performance management and reporting arrangements.
Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance – Whole of Government Shared Services Business Case
Grey Advantage was appointed strategic advisor in relation to the establishment of a business case for whole of Victorian government shared services. The program of work involved the preparation of a business case for consideration by the Expenditure review committee of cabinet. Subsequently, Grey Advantage was engaged to evaluate operating model options and develop a service level agreement framework for the implementation of a business case for whole of government office accommodation and fleet management services.
Attorney General’s Portfolio – Shared Services Business Case
Grey Advantage was engaged as strategic advisor develop a business case for shred services for AGD and its portfolio agencies including the Australian Federal Police. The consultancy evaluated alternative service delivery models and options for enabling shared services by implementing a common SAP financial management and human resource management information system.
Accessing Grey Advantage Services
Grey Advantage has been appointed to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Business Improvement Facilitators Panel and the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Governance Panel. Both of these panels have piggyback clauses that enable a wide range of business improvement, strategic sourcing and financial advisory services to be accessed by other Commonwealth Government departments and agencies.
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